The Tarsis Apart team is pleased to offer you a VIP set of services that you could use.

The cost of the service pack is 60,00 € with VAT per Calendar year(as from 01 January to 31 December),to be paid with the annual fee

The service pack includes:

1. Payment of your monthly electricity and water bills, as well as the annual building tax and waste collection fee, after you have provided a cash deposit with you at our office.

2. Regularly – twice a month and additionally – depending on meteorological conditions, ventilation of your apartment and inspection for pests, high humidity or other damage, in your absence.

3. Regularly – twice a month and further at our discretion, clean the siphons on the terrace (balcony) in your absence, to prevent flooding of your or neighbouring apartment (to yours and below it).

4. Inspection of your apartment for switched off electric switches, suspended plumbing cranes, sheltered balcony furniture, forgotten food, and undisposed waste at the end of the summer season around October 15th.

5. Warming up your apartment at low frost temperatures to protect plumbing and property from freezing.

6. Preparing your apartment for your arrival, switching on electric switches, putting water taps, lifting the balcony furniture, switching on the boiler and air conditioner, by e-mail: or up to 72 hours before your arrival.