Sunny Beach
Sunny Beach – one of the pearls of the Bulgarian Black Sea coast, located 36 km. north from Bourgas and 90 km south of Varna. It is the biggest in Bulgaria, with over 150 hotels , length of the beach 10 km and a width of up to 100 m is situated in a quiet bay, the beach is covered with fine golden sand , to the west are the slopes of the Stara Planina. Here mountain and sea combine in amazing harmony.

The unique combination of Mediterranean climate, with more than 150 sunny days a year , an average summer temperature of 27 degrees , golden sand , calm sea water, provide exceptional opportunities for rest and relaxation , but also for water sports – surfing, yachting, water skiing , underwater fishing , diving, sailing sport. Next to Sunny Beach is Nessebar, an ancient architectural reserve included in the list of UNESCO world heritage.
The resort offers all the possibilities for pleasure and entertainment that will attract tourists – many shops, aqua park, restaurants, night clubs, sports facilities.


Investment in sunny Beach
Investment in Sunny Beach

Why the resort Sunny Beach is so attractive for many domestic and foreign investors?

The answer is simple – because there is a demand and customers! Only 25km of the newest airport in Bulgaria, near Burgas – the best livable city , just 32 km from the highway ” Trakia” .Dreamed location!

Property prices have not undergone a decline in recent years, quite the opposite. Sunny Beach has become a great investment opportunity , many previously seen its potential . There are a lot of investors that have benefited from the alternative to purchase housing , to rent out when they are not there. Given that we have a five -month season, why not? Few of us can afford more than 2-3 weeks holiday, and during the rest of why your property to collect dust instead you raise money? In our complex, we offer a turnkey solution for the interested in this direction customers.
In order to facilitate customer we offer ready deferred payment programs , so that your investment , do not exhaust all your resources at once. So you have signed a contract to use the property for walking , but also to profit from it. If in the near future you decide to sell real estate, you can count on always win because the predictions are that prices only go up in quality built complex with good management. Here comes the question: where is sold at ease ? Where there is service ! The more services the better ! Look for places where everything … complexes, where besides restaurants, spa and a functioning detska centers , beauty salons, full service to cleaning , laundry and ironing ! As Winnie the Pooh says ” more , more .” It sells most quickly and easily. About Tarshish Club & Spa is the rule choice !