Complex Tarsis Club & Spa offers new services for you to benefit from:



The service costs 60,00 € with VAT included for one calendar year (January 1st to December 31st ) and it is paid in addition to the annual fee. The price of the service does not include the amounts of your obligations.

The service includes the following:
1. Payment of your monthly obligations for electricity and water, as well as annual obligations for property tax and waste collection tax.
2. Regular airing of your apartment and inspection for pests, high humidity or other damages.
3. Cleaning traps on the terrace / balcony / once a month when you do not use your property in order to prevent flooding of your or neighboring apartment.
4. Check of your apartment for electrical fuses being turned off, suspended faucets, balcony furniture taken indoors, forgotten food and non-collected waste in your absence.
5. Heating up your apartment at low freezing temperatures to protect the plumbing and the property from freezing.

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The electronic lock is a device and as such needs periodic technical maintenance. Periodic replacement of batteries averts potential problems regarding the lock functionality and the need for reprogramming. Upon reach of battery voltage close to the critical point protection function and high tone signaling switch on, which disturb other owners.
The service costs 12,00 € with VAT included for one calendar year (January 1st to December 31st) and it is paid in addition to the annual fee. The service includes reprogramming of the electronic lock, the batteries and their replacement.

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Air -conditioner is an electronic device that requires periodic technical maintenance in order to work effectively and smoothly and have a long life span. Preventive maintenance and timely intervention of competent specialized team avert potential problems regarding the functionality of the air conditioner and therefore ensure its long use.
Preventive maintenance is carried out twice a year /spring and autumn / and includes an overall assessment of its condition, cleaning and disinfection of the air filters and the internal body with detergent, measurement of system technical performance, measurement of the inlet and outlet temperature of the internal body.
The service costs 30.00 € / for 1pcs with VAT included for one calendar year (January 1st to December 31st),) and it is paid in addition to the annual fee.
The service does not include repair works and spare parts in case of need.

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Why do you need insurance! Insurance provides security. By insuring things that are important to you, you help your life run more smoothly, you ensure your safety and comfort. Few people realize how useful their insurance may be at a given point in time, they think about protection of their property only when forced to do so. It is important that insurance is made on time.
By the “Property insurance” that we offer your home will be optimally protected and secured by a variety of covered risks, and by the “Medical insurance”, which we offer policy holders can have free access to the services of the medical and dental center “Viva Clinic” in the resort of Sunny Beach in the event of accident and acute illness, or the insurer will indemnify the insurаnt for the actual medical expenses incurred by the provided invoice
Insurance can be concluded in the office of “Tarsis Club and SPA”. An employee of our personnel will provide you with competent professional advice to ensure the necessary insurance protection for you and your property.

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Property insurance must be addressed with professionalism and responsibility. The agency of “Property insurance” provides protection to your property interests of the insured property. Due to the increasing climate change and natural disasters, you have to notify the insurer within a short term in case of the occurrence of insurance event.
Procedures for submitting a claim for compensation require your personal presence. Therefore we offer to represent you in the settlement of claims made against the insurer in connection to the provision of insurance payments. With the compensation paid by the insurer, we can repair your apartment. In the event that the amount of the compensation is not sufficient, you will have to pay additional amount or file claims on the compensation amount to the insurer.
The service costs 60,00 € with VAT included and is payable once to the insurance premium for the insurance term.
The insurance company bears responsibility for the insurance compensation amount or eventual refusal of such. These issues are settled between you and the insurance company.

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Note: In case you are interested, you can make a request for the service you are interested in on the following . A member of our personnel will inform you about the mode of payment and the provision of the required deposit corresponding to your costs.