The insurance of your property is very important for your piece of mind, especially during the winter months, when most of the properties are not occupied.


Five reasons to make a insurance of your home:

1. To protect your home and the investment you made from unpredicted circumstances such as fire,lightning,storm,hurricane,intensive rain,flooding,earthquake etc.

2. To prevent water leaks.

3.  To be protected in case of burglary .

4. To limit your civil liability to third parties.

5. To real take care of your second home!

We recommending you to make a insurance of your property in order to insure your piece of mind!

You have to know that in case you would like to take a advantage of the service’’ renting you apartment as a seasonal hotel property ’’the insurance is.

More information about the type of insurance offered by the company for your type of property at Tarsis you will find in section Special Offers.