Some of the owners of apartments at Tarsis benefit from the service of leasing their apartments to Tarsis Hotel during the time they do not use their properties.

The lease entails a separate contract between an apartment owner and Tarsis Hotel. The owners can set two weeks during the so call high holiday season when they will enjoy a vacation at their property. To you, as an owner, it is important to set these two weeks in advance. Marketing, advertising and including the property in the tourist network is the first obligation of Tarsis Hotel in line with the contract. In this regard, the hotel signs agreements with tourism agencies and other organisations to ensure maximum usage of the apartments leased in Tarsis.

To lease your apartment to Tarsis Hotel:

1. You need to have paid the complex management and maintenance fee payable by every owner to the Facility Management Company.

2. The apartment furniture needs to meet the standards for a 4-star hotel (information is available HERE);

3. All utility costs for previous years (before the date of signing the contract) need to have been paid.

4. The owner needs to subscribe for a VIP package.

Outside the height of the holiday season, including the winter, Tarsis Hotel continues to take care of your apartment, for example cleaning and making sure the property is in order, so that it may be successfully leased.

During the periods when your apartment is leased, the Tarsis Hotel Manager makes sure that the property is ready to welcome holiday makers – it is cleaned, fitted with what is necessary such as towels, bed lined and other consumables – and also checks for any damage caused by tenants. The costs for electricity, water, cleaning, tourist tax, advertising, categorisation, and tourism agency commissions are at the expense of Tarsis Hotel.

You get a guaranteed lease every year in November. Payment is made to a bank account of your choice as indicated in the lease contract.

You can request an offer at: