Management and maintenance of Tarsis complex

Management and maintenance of Tarsis complex


Ownership yields not only rights but also obligations. One such obligation is to participate in the costs for the ongoing maintenance of the facilities. All owners of properties in Tarsis Club contribute to the overall maintenance of the complex by paying a certain annual fee. Its amount depends on the size of the property(ies) owned. The amount of the fee, the scope of maintenance and the main rules for the use of the apartments in Tarsis Club are set out in the management and maintenance contract, which is mandatory all owners of properties in the complex. The fee is paid in advance for the current calendar year, not later than 31 January.  *In the event of delay to pay as per the contract, the assignor owes monthly interest in the amount laid down in Article 18 of the Maintenance contract.

“Common parts maintenance” is an activity, which guarantees that the complex will stay comfortable for living and preserve its pleasant appearance such as it was when you bought your property.

The maintenance fee is aimed to cover the costs for management and ordinary maintenance of the whole Tarsis Club complex.

This is not just the cleaning and payment of consumables for the common parts; it is the overall management of the investment, including implementation of new technologies – energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies, checks of current systems, installations and parts of a  building, and other more specialised activities.

By virtue of a Maintenance contract, the facility management company takes on the commitment to perform the following activities:

•           Overall complex management;

•           24-hour all-year-round security and video surveillance of the common parts;

•           Access control at the entrances to Tarsis Complex;

•           Keeping and storing the Book of Owners, and control of the access of third parties;

•           Ongoing technical maintenance of the common installations and equipment – elevators, lighting, irrigation etc.;

•           Planting in common parts – development; maintenance; grass cutting, irrigation for green areas and decorative plants;

•           Pest control – maintenance against pests of the green areas;

•           Cleaning of the common parts in the buildings, green areas and alleys in the yard, the sidewalks and parking lots of the complex;

•           Waste collection and removal from Tarsis complex;

•           Costs for utilities for the common parts – water, electricity, waste fee;

•           Costs for fees and consumables related to the use of lighting, elevators, swimming pools and technical equipment;

•           Use and maintenance of the swimming pools;

•           Setting and periodic checks of the systems servicing the complex – all installations up to the entrance of your apartment: electricity, water and sewerage, television and internet, telephone, fire alarm, emergency lighting, lightning defence etc.;

•           Administration – Client Relationship Manager and reception desk service for owners;

•           Assistance in organising current and major renovations works and observance of warranty periods.

You need to know that the complex maintenance fee does not include the maintenance and costs related to the ownership of your property. Pursuant to the Bulgarian legislation, the owners themselves are obligated to cover such costs.

*Every owner is liable for an annual fee, regardless of whether they have used their property!