To insure the comfort and pleasant stay to all owners and visitor we created regulation of internal orders in the complex based on the respect for the rest and tranquility of all residents, with whom we most ask you politely to comply.


Here is a sample of the most important rules:


  •  Observe the rules of throughput and access control !
  •  Observe the deadline of payment for annual maintenance fee for the complex!
  •  Observe the instruction and orders for using of the pools,detailed described on the boards around them!
  •  Do not use the pool,sun beds and areas around the pools outside working!
  •  Keep clean,dispose of waste in designated areas!
  •  Inform the office of the management company all irregularities you notice or foreigners in the yard,which you are convinced that are owners from other complex!
  •  In the hours from 23:00 pm until 08:00 am, keep silence, both in the apartments and the corridors ,as well as in the area around the pools and park zone..
  •  The Management Team of ‘’Tarsis Apart’’Ltd. will not tolerate those who disturb the orders or create inconvenience to everyone else.