Short guide


tarsis wifi

At the apartment you will find „username” and „password” written on the top of the TV router(grey box next to the TV) for the WI-FI network of„Tarsis“, as well as your telephone number from inside line.

From the Wi-Fi networks appearing on you device(phone, tablet or compute) choose network-Tarsis. A pop out window will be automatically open hs.tarsis-bg.com . In case the page do not appear you have to open your internet browser (Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari etc.) and type the address ( hs.tarsis-bg.com) manually.

On the page of the empty fields fill your username and password and click LOG IN in order to connect to the network.

Please do not presenting you personal access to the network to other people which are not living at your apartment because you will cause interruption of the network.

Each owner has personal access and for the guest we have one hour free access to the network.


Maintaining of the electric lock


tarsis electric lock

The electric lock of your main door is electrical appliance powering from 4 pieces 1,5 V batteries ,size AA. Changing of batteries once a year is necessary in order to avoid potential problems with the functionality of the lock. When the battery voltage is close to the critical ,protection is activated and the door cannot be open with a key card, which leads to emergency open of the door with a secret key. This can be place you in a uncomfortable situation upon your arrival. In order to avoid that changing of batteries is recommended or you can request lock maintenance service at the office of Tarsis Apart .


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