tarsis door lock

For the successful management of holiday complex Tarsis we have created controlled access to the premises, buildings and park area of the complex.

This is done by using of contactless chip card, which when the card is read by the controller by the electronic lock is checked for access rights, if it is enabled ,a signal of unlocking is given to a electromagnetic mechanism to the electrical lock.

Control access is design to create maximum control the flow of people,interring and leaving the complex with which we eager to insure the comfort and the piece of all residence at the complex.

In case you would like to visit your property or give access to other people (friends, relatives, outside companies etc.) you have to give written notice to the management company in advance by email: e-mail: tarsisapart@tarsis-bg.com ,specified the dates and period of the stay as well as the names of the persons which you had authorized to entering your home. After receiving the information requested a key card will be issued, which can be received(after a valid ID or Passport)from Reception or office ‘’Security’’(situated next to the main enter of the complex),working 24h daily.

When you arrive at the complex, present your key card at Reception Desk in order to be activated for the period of your stay. In case you don’t have a key card, Reception can activate a new one against the deposit of 10,00 BGN. The deposit will be returned only in case that the key card is given back at the same condition originally given together with receipt for the deposit paid.

The responsibility for consistence care and keeping of your key card from your apartment is only yours!

In case of lost, forgotten etc. key card a employee from office ‘’security’’ will cooperate for emergency unlocking of your apartment, only after identity verification .In case you are not at the base with owner of the complex or a guest of a owner, you will not be assisted!

In case you have forgot you ID or passport, after the unlocking of the property, you have to present the document to the employee, otherwise he has the right to notify the organs of the police.

For a duplicate of a key card, extending the period of accessing or other problems related to the key card and access to the property, please visit the office of Tarsis Apart at working times.

You can replace or place additional lock to your main entry door at all times, after you property is notarized. In that case it is in your interest to provide the management company with a secret key, which will be used in cases of accidents at your absence. The management company doesn’t have the right to enter your property only in case of a accident or after your written permission.

If you change your lock and you left a key in our office, upon request you will be provided with a protocol containing information on whether, who and when enter your property in the complex..