You already hold a property in the complex!

Here you will find useful information and advices, related to your property.



Responsibilities as an owner!

June 29th, 2020

Responsibilities as an owner!   fter the Deed of the new owner in Bulgaria is ready, meaning after the registration at Registry Agency, the owner needs to complete some of his duties. At first place you have to register yourself as a owner in the office of the Management Company ‘’Tarsis Apart’’Ltd. ,as well as… Read more »

Контрол на достъп

Access to your property

June 30th, 2020

Access to your property   After you property is notarized you will receive mechanicals and key card from the old owner. Additional key cards you may purchase in the office of the Management Company  ‘’Tarsis Apart’’ wel as receiving a co-operation for receiving a copy of the mechanical key in case the old owner of… Read more »


Paying of fees, taxes and utilities bills.

June 30th, 2020

Paying of fees, taxes and utilities bills.   The important expenses which you have to predict for your apartment at Tarsis are three: 1) Annual fee for maintaining of the complex is subject of your contract for maintenance and management. The exact amount depended of how big is your apartment. Data of it’s size is… Read more »



June 30th, 2020

Insurance   The insurance of your property is very important for your piece of mind, especially during the winter months, when most of the properties are not occupied.   Five reasons to make a insurance of your home: 1. To protect your home and the investment you made from unpredicted circumstances such as fire,lightning,storm,hurricane,intensive rain,flooding,earthquake… Read more »

At your summer home

Now you are rightfull owner of the apartment and is time to enjoy it. When we are at our summer home sometimes we are missing some thing of home. That can be furniture, equipments or something else. In case you got that kind of need we may help you to get the objects you need or to give you information where you can find it in order to achieve comfort at your apartment. We are suggesting you to visit the office of the Management Company ‘’Tarsis Apart’’Ltd. where you will receive the assistance needed. Make sure you have a copy of your deed for maintenance and management of the common parts and rules of internal order. In case you don’t have one, you can receive one at the office