Responsibilities as an owner!

Responsibilities as an owner!


fter the Deed of the new owner in Bulgaria is ready, meaning after the registration at Registry Agency, the owner needs to complete some of his duties.

At first place you have to register yourself as a owner in the office of the Management Company ‘’Tarsis Apart’’Ltd. ,as well as you have to provide valid contact number and email. At the office you will receive your individual password for the Wi-FI network, covering the whole complex.

All foreigners need to register themselves in the Registry Agency  to the District Court of Bourgas ,with address- city Bourgas, square Jeny Pateva №1 in order to receive Unique Identical Number/BULSTAT/.

Each of the owners declare his property in the tax office at the municipality in order to pay the taxes due each ear for the property he owns. The address of the Nessebar municipality is Edelvais street №10.

The apartment himself has to be registered in the Cadaster Office over the name of the new owner. The address is city Bourgas, boulevard Stefan Stambolov №120.

To open a new account at the Electricity and Water supply Companies you have to fill a document, to present a copy of your notaries deed and to pay a  registration fee. Addresses of the offices of Electricity company is city Pomorie, Solna str. №1 and Water company- Sunny Beach resort Han Crum str.(at the roundabout).

It’s a matter of choice to do all listed registration above by your own, or you can assign them to us. More information you may find in the section Special Offers.